• Keynote Speakers


    Franz Fayot

    Minister of the Economy (Luxembourg)

    Following the cabinet reshuffle on 4 February 2020, Franz Fayot was appointed Minister of the Economy and Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs.
    Previously, Franz Fayot was elected to Parliament in 2013 and in 2018, as candidate for the LSAP. In Parliament, he assumed the role of rapporteur for the draft budget for 2015 and focused on public finances, cultural policy, as well as on social justice and poverty issues.
    From 1997 until his appointment to the government, Franz Fayot worked as a barrister in Luxembourg.
    Franz Fayot graduated a DEA (post-graduate diploma of advanced studies) in corporate law from the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne in 1996.




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    Stephan Grengs

    Director Manufacturing & Supply Chain, IEE

    Since 20 years Stephan Grengs is working with enthousiasm in the automotive industry.


    During his career he oversaw numerous projects in different functions and countries across the automotive industry. In 2006 he joint IEE in the function of Manufacturing Engineer in Luxembourg before he moved to China for being part of the brown field project team to ramp up IEE’s operation in China.
    After several years in the function as Advanced Manufacturing Manager in charge of industrialization projects including the ramp up of IEE Mexico, he took over the global lead as Director of Manufacturing & Supply Chain.


    He holds an MBA in General Management of the University of Cardiff but remains an Engineer in his passion.



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    Prof. Massimiliano Mazzanti

    Full Professor Economic Policy, University of Ferrara

    Massimiliano Mazzanti is full Professor in Economic policy, University of Ferrara, at the Department of Economics & Management, where he is lecturer in Macroeconomics; Environmental economics and policy, Ecological Economics. He has directed the inter university centre SEEDS (www.sustainability-seeds.org) since the foundation in 2012. He also directs the new CERCIS Research centre on the Circular Economy, Innovation and SMEs (http://eco.unife.it/it/ricerca-imprese-territorio/centri-di-ricerca/cercis). Main Research competences revolve around applied environmental economics and policy issues such as: sustainable development, environment and trade, climate change policies, environmental innovation, environmental policy design and assessment, environmental fiscal reforms, waste management and policy, economic valuation of the environment, beyond GDP - green accounting issues.


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    Sten-Kristian Saluveer

    Strategist in Residence, Accelerate Estonia

    Ecosystem builder and Media x Tech Visionary with a global track record in high impact content and media industry innovation, tech, and governance (Accelerate Estonia / Startup Estonia / European Commission), startup growth (Exit Academy), and A list media/content/film + virtualization (Cannes Marche Du Film, CPH Dox, Tallinn Black Nights, DFFB - German Film & TV Academy / VRT Future Hubs, Taipei Film Academy) and more. Proven success in the digital event & corporate transformation & board advisory during the COVID crisis in Denmark, France & Germany.


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  • Speakers & Panel Moderators


    Violetta Shishkina

    Co-founder, CADchain

    Violetta has been the CEO of CADChain since 2018 when she was scouted by a Dutch incubator and established the company in the Netherlands. She holds an MBA and 4 other Master's Degrees. She is a Professor of Economics, an educator and a PR specialist. In CADChain she is responsible for the company vision, marketing strategy and networking. As part of the company's corporate responsibility, she initiated a non-profit project to bring more women into IT. Violetta has been responsible for continuous strategy building, navigation of projects, and establishment of connections at various levels, growing the team from 2 to 25 people and securing the initial funding. Violetta has expertise in Linguistics, Education, Management, Blockchain, Finance, Business Modeling, the CAD sector, and many more.


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    Dr. Martin Holland

    VP Business Development and Strategy, PROSTEP AG

    Dr. Martin Holland studied Mechanical Engineering at the TU Clausthal, where he made his doctorate degree. He has been working at PROSTEP since 1994. Dr. Holland has a wide project experience in the automotive, aviation, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering industries. As Regional Manager he is responsible for the business in northern Germany. He joined the PROSTEP Executive Board as the head of Sales in 2001. Since 2015 Martin is responsible for Strategy & Business Development at PROSTEP and primarily promotes the topics Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Digital Thread and Traceability of Products, Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain Technology.


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    Carlo Giannelli

    Associate Professor, University of Ferrara

    Carlo Giannelli received the Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy, in 2008. He is currently an Associate Professor in computer science with the University of Ferrara, Italy. His primary research activities focus on Blockchain technologies, Industrial Internet of Things, Software Defined Networking, cyber security in Industry 4.0, location/based services, heterogeneous wireless interface integration, and hybrid infrastructure/ad hoc and spontaneous multi-hop networking environments.


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    Nicolas Sanitas

    Senior Advisor, Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub

    Nicolas Sanitas is passionate about digital innovation, with the will to always put human interactions at the heart. He started his career 16 years ago. During this time he had the opportunity to evolve from development to consulting, addressing a wide range of domains (banking, startup, public institutions, telco). Today, he is senior advisor at Luxinnovation; within the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, his mission is to unite IT service providers This ecosystem is destined to play a crucial role in supporting hundreds of Luxembourg's manufacturing companies in their transformation into 4.0 industries.


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    Frederik De Breuck

    Head of the Enterprise Blockchain – Track and Trust Solution Center, Fujitsu Western Europe

    As CDO and CTO of Fujitsu Belgium, Frederik De Breuck overall responsibility is to drive growth and strategic renewal by transforming traditional businesses into digital ones. Frederik also manages the Enterprise Blockchain and Track and Trust Solution Center for Fujitsu Global, focusing on building production-ready Blockchain and Distributed Ledger solutions and creating innovative methodologies to increase enterprise adoption.


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    Frédéric Hubin

    Tech Lead, Green Earth Trading

    A solution-oriented developer & architect with 25 years of international experience in managing back-end and front-end applications, with in-depth experience of complex blockchain projects and innovative business solutions.


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    Antoine Le Feuvre

    CEO Digital Solutions for Citizens, Consumers and Companies (3C), SUEZ, Smart & Environmental Solutions

    Antoine Le Feuvre is the CEO of 3C, the SUEZ Entity that aims at shaping a sustainable environment for citizens, consumers and companies through digital solutions such as CircularChain, the circular economy blockchain. The Group aspires to be the preferred partner of its customers, working together to restore and preserve core elements like water, air and soil with concrete actions and advanced technologies.
    Before joining SUEZ, Le Feuvre served as Co-founder and VP Customer Services of Traveldoo, a leading-edge tech company focused on delivering value-added applications to simplify and optimize travel and expense management. Traveldoo has been the pioneer in Europe to develop SaaS models and use the technology to disrupt the travel industry and it was acquired in 2011 by US Global leader Expedia. Antoine continued to serve Traveldoo as COO and CCO until 2017 when he joined SUEZ R&R France (Entity dedicated to recycling and recovery), as Chief Digital Officer and member of the ExCom to create a new business line and lead digital transformation.
    As an advocate for technology-enhanced and sustainable solutions, he applies his considerable energy to accelerate their deployment for a positive impact on the planet, combining his passion for digital with the one for the environment.


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    Lorenzo Zullo

    Co-Founder & Managing Director, ChemChain

    Lorenzo, a Msc in Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering, spent over 12 years working across various industries associations (ETRMA, Eurometaux) dealing with chemical regulations. Since 2015 he started his entrepreneurial experience, first founding Chemycal.com, a SaaS regulatory intelligence company and later with the launch of ChemChain.



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    Wilhelm Myrer

    CEO & Founder

    With a Law Degree from the University of Oslo, Wilhelm has over 14 years of cross-sector involvement.

    With experience as a founder, in executive management and on a board of directors in several start-ups, Wilhelm has built several companies from scratch. Scaling teams, building strategic partnerships and raising funds in an international environment.


    Wilhelm has operated in the Nordics, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and in industries ranging from oil & gas, renewable energy, mining, blockchain technology and app development.


    He is currently Chairman of the Oslo Blockchain Cluster and the solar energy company Soliga Energi.


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    Jérôme Petry

    Project Leader DG Industry, New Technologies and Research, Ministry of the Economy (Luxembourg)

    Jérôme Petry holds an MSc in Physics and MBA. After a track record of 15 years in the electronic and battery industry, he joined the Ministry of the Economy as a Project Leader in the field of Cleantech and Circular Economy 3 years ago. He is leading the Luxembourgish initiative of the Product Circularity Data Sheet and is also the editor of the related ISO 59040 norm. He is passionate about creating a digital fingerprint for products in order to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy enabling a better reuse of products. Luxembourg acts as a catalyst of this initiative which has quickly won international acceptance and is leading the way in its field.

    Fabio Fabbi

    Digital Pioneer, BIG BO – Boost Innovation Garage Bologna

    With over three decades experience in marketing strategy, brand extension and digital marketing, Fabio Fabbi is an expert in advising companies on how to build strategies to engage with new consumers while increasing revenue. Fabio is also a pioneer of the Web content in Italy: he created new formats for the entertainment and sports since 1994. His extensive knowledge on all things branding, marketing, and technology comes from a passion for building dynamic brands that combined with a background in marketing and communications allowed him to elevate some of the world's most iconic brands.


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    Irina Albita

    Co-founder, FilmChain

    Irina Albita is the co-founder and co-CEO of FilmChain the first digital collection account management (CAM) company that pays professionals in the film/TV industries in an automatic and transparent way. Producers, investors, sales agents and actors access their money and data in automatic, transparent processes. Irina is a technologist with 12-years experience in the London/NYC tech scene, with a mathematics-economics background. Her passion is exploring how emerging tech radically transforms creative industries, and she is a prominent figure at film & tech events worldwide. Named Startup of the Year at the London Business Awards2020 and a SXSW Pitch2020 finalist, FilmChain leverages blockchain technology to save industry professionals millions in mismanaged funds, human errors and lack of data. The platform is used end-to-end by HBO, Council of Europe Eurimages, Film Fund Hamburg, German Producers Association, Screen Australia and clients in the U.K., Europe, Canada, Australia and Israel.


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    Bernard Michaux

    Producer, SAMSA FILM

    Bernard is a Luxembourgish film producer best known for the critically acclaimed film Collective by Alexander Nanau, which was nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature and Best International Feature Film at the the 93th Academy Awards. He produced many local and international award-winning feature films and worked with directors such as Sameh Zoabi, Marie Kreutzer, Jeff Desom or Laura Schroeder. He is co-running Samsa Film, the biggest Luxembourg production company since 2015.


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    Matteo Fedeli

    Director of Music Division, SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers)

    Graduated in Managerial Engineering at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Matteo acquired experience in management consulting, strategy development and transformation programs with Bain & Company.
    Since 2015 Matteo plays the role of Director of Music Division at SIAE, the Italian Collective Management Organization for author’s rights, with direct responsibility for distribution, documentation and music technician areas.


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    Max Stoeckl

    Co-founder & CEO, Dogamí

    Max is co-founder & CEO of Dogami, a joyful play-to-earn game. He is a passionate gamer, and knows all too well the pain points that traditional gaming offers. He wants to push the envelope by leveraging and converging NFTs, DeFi & decentralization.


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    Alejandro Hevia

    Producer & Director of "Crossing the Yellow Blocks"

    CEO of Cometoland Productions

    Matteo Cernuschi

    Chief Operating Officer / Founding Director, ANote Music

    Gianluca Ortolani

    CEO, Net Service SpA

    From 2007 to 2009 – Person in charge for Elsag Datamat of branch “Cross-Industry of Finmeccanica”
    From 2007 to April 2014 - Chief Executive of Net Service S.r.l. (Finmeccanica Group)
    From 2008 to April 2014 – Director in Finmeccanica Group with various responsibility assignments
    From 2015 – Chief Executive of Net Service S.p.a.


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    Fabrice Croiseaux

    Chairman of the Board, Infrachain a.s.b.l.

    Graduate of Centrale Lyon and HEC, Fabrice is CEO of InTech, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg Group specialised in Information Technology consulting and specific software development.

    Passionate about digital culture and innovation, he advises companies in the use of emerging technologies to create breakthrough innovations. He is the leader of the Blockchain working group of the Fédération des Tiers de Confiance Numérique and Chairman of the Board of Infrachain in Luxembourg. Fabrice participates in several large-scale projects based on blockchain technology in France and Luxembourg.

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    Tom Kettels

    Infrachain Summit Host - Luxembourg

    Project Lead, Infrachain a.s.b.l.

    Tom Kettels is the Project Lead of Infrachain and the Co-Project Lead of the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab. He is a member of the EBSI Policy Group and the OECD Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board. Tom has 20+ year experience in the ICT sector, working mainly in the field of telecoms and data centers. Tom is also Senior ICT Advisor at Digital Luxembourg.


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    Cristiano Morganti

    Infrachain Summit Host - Bologna

    CEO, Net Service Lux

    Cristiano Morganti is the director of International Projects of Net Service, working on e-Justice and e-Government assignments across Europe.


    He has over 20 years of experience in ICT projects for Government, EU Agencies, Banks and Multinationals.
    Before joining Net Service in 2012, he has held various management positions, building expertise on change management and digitalisation in large organisations, both public and private, focusing on innovation, finance and intellectual property.


    Cristiano has a Laurea in International Politics from the University of Bologna and an M.Litt. in Economics from Trinity College, Dublin.




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    Kevin Thizzy

    Software engineer, InTech

  • TOKEN Project Side Session Speakers


    Stefano De Panfilis

    COO, Fiware Foundation

    Stefano is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the FIWARE Foundation e.V. He graduated Cum Laude in Mathematics and held several positions as software engineer implementing complex IT systems at Engineering Ingenieria Informatica S.p.A. In 2004 he became the Director of the R&D Department leading a team of about 100 researchers in Italy and Europe. He actively participated in the creation and start of the NESSI ETP of which he was the Technical Director. In June 2011 he became the Chief Innovation Officer of the Engineering Group. He has been involved in several Future Internet initiatives set-up by the European Commission being one of the founders of the FIWARE initiative. Since its very beginning he is he responsible of FIWARE Lab and member of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee. Stefano is author of several scientific papers appeared on international journals and in conferences proceedings, he is member of a number of international conferences Program Committees.


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    Lynda O'Mahony

    Project manager, FundingBox

    Lynda has over 15 years experience working in product and project management roles in the technology sector for startups and multinationals. Prior to joining FundingBox 2 years ago, she worked for a number of years in Amazon in Luxembourg and Madrid managing EU wide projects.


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    Konstantinos Glykos

    Research Associate, CERTH/ITI

    Konstantinos Glykos holds BSc and MSc in Applied Informatics (University of Macedonia). Since December 2016 he works as a research associate at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) / Informatics and Telematics Institute (ITI) and he has participated in many research projects. Moreover, he has seven publications in conferences. He has excellent knowledge of English, German and Italian and very good knowledge of French as well.


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