• Infrachain Summit is part of the Luxembourg Blockchain Week.


    Infrachain Summit is a gathering dedicated to blockchain topics where governance meets technology and compliance meets operations.


    The Summit is about real business – not about the next hype. The event is centered on operational use cases in the world of 3rd party distributed trust. You will learn how Blockchain can evolve from a technology hype to revenue generating applications. We will discuss governance and compliance aspects of Blockchain without loosing out of sight the technical implications. Concrete business cases will be presented during the programme for you to adapt best practices in your own company.


    The 2023 edition will take place during the Luxembourg Blockchain Week, happening from 9th to 13th October 2023


    • First major event dedicated to operational blockchain use cases and blockchain governance
    • Valuable insights and learnings
    • No hype, but real business
    • High level expert speakers
    • Enlarge your network and meet interesting new people
    • Lunch, coffee breaks and networking reception included..
  • 2023 Agenda to be announced soon...

  • Agenda

    10:30 am - 12:45 pm | Leading the Change: How the EU Drives Global Blockchain Adoption

    with speakers from the European Commission, European Self Sovereign Identity Framework, Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, Ministry for Digitalisation, ...


    2:00 pm - 3:50 pm | Securing Business with Blockchain: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Compliance

    with speakers from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliabality and Trust (SnT) / University of Luxembourg, Chainproof, Quantstamp, Hacken, MaquIT,...


    4:10 pm - 5:50 pm | Redefining Power: the Present and Future of Decentralized Governance

    with speakers from the Kleros, TBA DAO, ...


  • Programme

    Leading the Change: How the EU Drives Global Blockchain Adoption


    10:30 am | Welcome words


    by Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman of the Board, Infrachain a.s.b.l.


    10:35 am | Keynote speech

    by Christophe Maertens, Lead & Coordinator, Blockchain4Belgium


    10:55 am | "The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure - EBSI"

    by Pierre Marro, Administrator for Communication Networks, Content and Technology, DG Connect (European Commission)


    11:10 am | "Verifiable credentials and decentralized registries EBSI building blocks supporting and inspiring the EUDI"

    by Daniël Du Seuil, Convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within EBP/EBSI, European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP)/European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)


    11:40 | "EBSI, Blockchain and National Policies"

    by Alberto López, Deputy Director of the Innovation Lab, INCM - Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda (Portugal)

    Piotr Rutkowski, Expertfor blockchain and the development of digital technologies, Ministry of Digital Affairs (Poland)

    Patrick Weber, Project Manager, Ministry for Digitalisation (Luxembourg)


    12:00 pm | Panel discussion

    With Christophe Maertens, Alberto López, Pierre Marro, Piotr Rutkowski, Patrick Weber

    Moderated by Alexandra Höß, Doctoral Researcher, SnT



    Lunch break

    12:45 pm - 2:00 pm

    Securing Business With Blockchain: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Compliance


    2:00 pm | Afternoon opening


    2:05 pm |  "Past, Present and Future of Blockchains: Toward More Distributed Trust"

    by Prof. Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Professor Emeritus UCLouvain and Academician


    2:35 pm | "Understanding basic attacks on Ethereum blockchains" 

    by Antonio Ken Iannillo, Research Scientist, SnT


    2:50 pm | "Reaching A New Frontier In Smart Contract Security And Insurance"

    by Dr. Peter Bärnreuther, Chief Underwriting Officer, Chainproof


    3:05 pm | Use case Regulatory IT challenges related to Blockchain

    by Luc Maquil, Managing Partner, Maqit


    3:20 pm | Panel discussion "How to anticipate and address cybersecurity risks and compliance requirementsto preserve and develop trust in blockchain capabilities for 2024 and beyond?"

    With Yevheniia Broshevan, Co-founder & CBDO, Hacken, Dr. Peter Bärnreuther, Yevheniia Broshevan, Antonio Ken

    Moderated by Cédric Mauny, President, CLUSIL



    Coffee break

    4:00 pm - 4:20 pm

    Redefining Power: the Present and Future of Decentralized Governance


    4:20 pm | Keynote

    by Jaguar A. Gal, Adv. CPA, CEO, JAGuar AI Reg&Comp. & JAGuar Lawyers


    4:35 pm | "Creating a DAO: Centralisation Issues"

    by Wim Stalmans, Decentralisation Officer, TBA DAO


    4:50 pm | Use case: Alpha Persei, by Harry Ghillemyn


    5:05 pm | "Kleros and the Birth of Decentralized Justice"

    by Federico Ast, President, Kleros


    5:20 pm | Panel discussion

    With Jaguar A. Gal, Adv. CPA, Federico Ast, Harry Ghillemyn, Wim Stalmans

    Moderated by Sunny Jiang, Founder, MaasDAO



    Networking cocktail

    sponsored by Net Service

    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

  • 2023 Speakers to be announced soon...

  • Speakers

    Engineer in applied mathematics (UCLouvain) and PhD in computer science (LRI, Orsay, Université Paris-Saclay). Working for Philips Research Brussels (PRLB) for 20 years. Then involved in research at UCLouvain, teaching at many universities. He was putting the first strong cryptoalgorithms (DES, RSA) into smart cards. He found the first attack against processors related to electromagnetic power and was strongly involved into the first practical attack using timing attack. He was involved very early about blockchains (TIMESEC project, 1996) and then cited by the seminal paper about bitcoin (second reference out of 8). 250 published papers and 20 patents.  DBLP: https://dblp.org/pid/q/JJQuisquater.html  Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=KXkSNy4AAAAJ&hl=en (Profile photo © CC BY-SA 4.0)

    Jean-Jacques Quisquater

    Professor Emeritus UCLouvain and Academician (Belgium)

    LinkedIn - X (Twitter)

    DBLP - Scholar

    JAGuar Lawyers' CEO is Jaguar Adva Gal, Adv. CPA, a 1996 top Hebrew University graduate. JAG has spent years managing international strategic investments in startups, wide-ranging investment and portfolio management for the world's largest venture capital fund - Intel Capital, And led exits in several companies, including publicly traded in NASDAQ. The firm's CEO is often interviewed on television channels, including BlockTV, She is interviewed by leading economic newspapers - including The-Marker, Calcalist, as well as the television program "Tzinor Layla". She lectures at many international professional conferences around the world, including Singapore, Greece, London, Bangkok, Malta and Cyprus, in the Lawyers Bar Association, Accountants, Investment managers, Insurance agents, and high-tech companies. The firm's CEO is one of the founders of CityTLV association - to promote the Fintech industry in Israel, And part of Fintech Ladies organization as well as the Leading Cyber Ladies group. She is part of the advisory board of Future1 Exchange, she is the Chief Compliance Officer of FotuneZ and is involved with IQONIQ. She is writing the first Blockchain and Law Legal Book, wishing to lead legal knowledge base in the sector.

    Jaguar A. Gal, Adv. CPA


    JAGuar AI Reg&Comp.

    JAGuar Lawyers 



    Federico Ast graduated in economics and philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires and holds a PhD in management from IAE Business School. He is founder and President at the Cooperative Kleros, a legaltech company using game theory and blockchain technology in arbitration. As a pioneer in the field of decentralized justice, he has lectured in universities such as Stanford, Oxford and Columbia and in international organizations such as the United Nations. He is an alumni at Singularity University and hosts the first Coursera courses about blockchain and legaltech in Spanish. He is passionate about exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and blockchain for social innovation.

    Federico Ast




    X (Twitter)

    Sebastian is the CEO of Chainproof Digital Asset Insurance Ltd, the world's first regulated insurer for non-custodial smart contracts and slashing risks. He is also the Managing Director of Quantstamp Germany, a global leader in web3 security. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich where he focused on software protection. Before joining Quantstamp, Sebastian worked as a security specialist at BMW, Philips and Deloitte.

    Peter Dr. Bärnreuther

    Chief Underwriting Officer



    Yevheniia Broshevan, Co-Founder & CBDO of Hacken, has been in crypto since 2014. She has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Information System Security. As a decisive leader in charge of business development, she's played a pivotal role in Hacken's success as a trusted blockchain security auditor with membership in top industry organizations and over 1,200 clients. Yevheniia also serves as the CEO of HackenProof, a Web3 bug bounty platform uniting 20k+ ethical hackers.

    Yevheniia Broshevan

    Co-Founder & CBDO




    Graduate of Centrale Lyon and HEC, Fabrice is CEO of InTech, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg Group specialised in Information Technology consulting and specific software development. Passionate about digital culture and innovation, he advises companies in the use of emerging technologies to create breakthrough innovations. He is the leader of the Blockchain working group of the Fédération des Tiers de Confiance Numérique and Chairman of the Board of Infrachain in Luxembourg. Fabrice participates in several large-scale projects based on blockchain technology in France and Luxembourg.

    Fabrice Croiseaux

    Chairman of the Board



    Daniel Du Seuil is the convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within the European Blockchain Partnership. This partnership of 30 EU member states and related countries cooperate in the establishment of a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) that will support the delivery of cross-border digital public services, with the highest standards of security and privacy. Daniel is also the initiator and project leader of the National Belgian SSI project Blockchain on the move. He is currently working as a project manager digital transformation at Howest - web3 unit and was the former blockchain program manager of the Flemish government. He is also a member of the EU blockchain observatory and co-initiator of the Belgian blockchain taskforce at Beltug and the new Blockchain4Belgium group.

    Daniel Du Seuil

    Convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within the European Blockchain Partnership/European Blockchain Service Infrastructure


    Alexandra Hoess is a doctoral researcher in the field of Management of Information Systems at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg. She holds a Master’s degree (M.Sc. with honors) from the Elite Graduate Program “Finance- & Information Management” of the Technical University of Munich, University of Augsburg, and University of Bayreuth.  She researches the design and management of digital identity ecosystems as well as the application and effects of blockchain technology in public and private sectors. Alexandra works in a joint research partnership between the SnT and Luxembourg’s Ministry for Digitalisation, where she supports the development of a Digital Identity Wallet for Luxembourg.   She further collaborates with Luxembourg’s Ministry for Digitalisation in terms of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure and worked on a Luxembourgish pilot of digital diplomas as part of the EBSILUX project.

    Alexandra Hoess

    Doctoral Researcher



    Antonio Ken Iannillo is a Research Scientist at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg. He received his Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from the Federico II University of Naples, Italy in 2018. His research interests are in software engineering, software dependability, and software security. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of WAVY MEET, a secure remote rehabilitation solution.

    Antonio Ken Iannillo

    Research Scientist

    Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg



    Sunny Jiang is founder and CEO of MaasVentures and founder of MaasDAO.  She is a blockchain expert and visionary leader in web3 space. Sunny is mentor of the reputable web3 talents program of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center as well as startup mentor of Outlier Ventures in London. She is also expert and board advisor in several esteemed organisations. Sunny is 2x Ethglobal blockchain hackathon prize winner and featured as global top 100 women of the future in Emerging tech.

    Sunny Jiang




    X (Twitter)

    Tom Kettels is leading Infrachain and he is the Co-Project Lead of the Luxembourg Blockchain Lab. He is a member of the EBSI Policy Group and was part of the now discontinued OECD Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board. Tom has 25+ years experience in the ICT sector, working mainly on topics related to telecoms and data centers. Tom is also Senior ICT Advisor at Digital Luxembourg.

    Tom Kettels

    Project Lead



    Alberto López is Deputy Director of the Innovation Lab at the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda (INCM), the Portuguese Mint. Over the last three years, he has managed the INCM's participation in different EU-funded consortia, including PharmaLedger, EBSI-NE and DC4EU and is also involved in internally funded projects related to the use of blockchain and/or digital credentials in public services and administration. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Zürich and is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Management and Economics of the University of Lisbon. Alberto is Portugal's representative in the European Blockchain Partnership. The INCM has been appointed as representative of Portugal in the General Assembly of the European Digital Infrastructure Consortium for EBSI (EBSIC-EDIC).

    Alberto López

    Deputy Director of the Innovation Lab

    Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda


    Pierre Marro is Policy Officer at the Directorate General Communication Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission. He is the team leader on blockchain files and is notably in charge of the European Blockchain Partnership and the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure.

    Pierre Marro

    Policy Officer at the Next Generation Internet unit (DG CONNECT – European Commission)


    Cédric Mauny is the fifth President of CLUSIL, the information security association in Luxembourg.  This year, Cédric will celebrate 20 years of experience both in Luxembourg and in the cybersecurity (battle)field. Cédric got specialized in management and governance of the information security, standardization, awareness and training, incident response, but also in technical fields such as security audits or security event management. He is certified CISM, CISSP, CRISC, ITILv3, ISO 27001 Implementer and ISO 31000 Risk Manager and currently acts as Risk Manager and Strategic Advisor Cybersecurity for a major ICT company in Luxembourg. Cédric is also very active within the Luxembourg’s cybersecurity ecosystem as founding member and board member of several professional associations in the field, lecturer, speaker and moderator at various security conferences. CLUSIL aims at developing cooperative actions with public and private authorities for the security of information. With more than 25 years of active presence, 150+ members from 30+ companies from all economic sectors, and part of ICTluxembourg community, CLUSIL is a well-established and independent actor among the Information Security Landscape of Luxembourg and the “Greater Region”. The CLUSIL is tackling the cybersecurity topic, issue and impact on the society within the ICTluxembourg.

    Cédric Mauny




    broken image

    Christophe Maertens




    Luc Maquil is the Managing Partner at MAQIT, which he launched to help financial sector companies to run their operations or to establish themselves in the EU. Luc supports clients in IT regulatory matters, from the initial licence application, through to ensuring ongoing oversight and compliance. Since the creation of MAQIT back in 2015, the company has established itself as a recognised specialist adviser, particularly to FinTech companies that disrupt traditional business models with technologies including blockchain, cloud computing and AI. Luc is a regular contributor to working committees, events and conferences on the topic of IT regulatory compliance. Prior to launching MAQIT, Luc spent time working in IT consulting at KPMG and as an enterprise architect at IBM.

    Luc Maquil

    Managing Partner



    At NASK – National Research Institute is employed in Cybersecurity Development Department. He advises on new technologies. He manage the EBSI node team, and blockchain projects.  He advises the Ministry of Digital Affairs on dlt/blockchain policy, breakthrough technologies and quantum communications. Since 2019, he has been leading the working group on dlt/blockchain,. He participates in the Policy Group of European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) representing Poland. Currently he is involved in the Task Force for the development EDIC blockchain.  Since 1990 he has operated his own consulting firm, Rotel, specialising in issues of strategy and regulation of the telecommunications market,  new technologies, security, critical infrastructure and cooperation between the public and private sectors. He has advised numerous companies from the teleco industry. He has also been retained as an expert by the administration, the Polish Parliament, and international institutions. He was one of the people involved in creation of the EU legal framework for the telecommunications industry in Poland. In the law firm Wardynski & Partners he is technology adviser. He deals with legal, regulatory and technological aspects of innovative sectors of the economy. He is also the founder and vice president of the Mikromakro Institute, a think tank promoting strategic thinking about the state and drones applications.

    Piotr Rutkowski

    Policy Adviser DLT/ Blockchain

    Ministry of Digitization - Poland


    Wim is an entrepreneur in the blockchain educational and consultancy space. He is the instructor of a series of management courses that open up blockchain, its implementations and implications to a non-technical decision-making audience. He mentored blockchain startup projects and is himself a startupper of a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that focuses on creating synergies between professionals. Wim served on the board of LëtzBlock, the Luxembourg Blockchain & DLT association, and served as Co-chair of the INATBA Education Working Group, with which he co-authored two papers on strategic and practical aspects of blockchain education. In his work, Wim has a strong bias towards public permissionless blockchains and its decentralisation aspects.

    Wim Stalmans

    Decentralisation Officer



  • Testimonies

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    "Thank you Infrachain Summit for facilitating insights and best practices within the very important topic of governance within blockchain technology. From my perspective, the Summit shared the realities faced by public and private sector and offered a rare insider view. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions and the content was relevant."

    Nadia Hewett

    Project Lead, Data for Common Purpose Initiative and Blockchain

    World Economic Forum LLC


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    "Hosting the first edition of the Infrachain Summit Italy within our
    premises was a great honour. Net Service is actively engaged in
    Blockchain projects. Meeting and exchanging with other Blockchain
    professionals facing similar challenges was very enriching."

    Gianluca Ortolani


    Net Service S.p.A

    "Very precise, clear and concise, honest presentations; a real wealth of information an expertise, a more than useful investment of time."

    Thierry Decker

    Chef de service ICT

    Maison du Grand-Duc


    "An inspiring event, showcasing a lot of relevant applications of blockchain in products and processes."

    Lucia Mazzoni

    Digital & Service Innovation



  • About Infrachain

    Infrachain is a privately driven non-profit organization with public sector support created by the emerging Blockchain-industry. We are a cross-industry effort aiming to push the adoption curve of blockchain by sharing expertise, participating in blockchain projects, disseminating information on operational blockchain use cases and creating an international ecosystem. We are a Blockchain community and focus on issues allowing Blockchain applications to become operational in the current regulatory environment.




    • Leapfrog the adoption curve of blockchain by creating a compliant-ready community and permissioned node blockchain infrastructure
    • Provide disintermediation services to all aspects of the economy (Fintech, Healthcare, Public services, Supply chain management,…)
    • Create a vibrant European community of blockchain professionals driving and shaping the future blockchain industry

    More info on infrachain.com


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    Attempt to win a Sonos Speaker

    Follow the 3 days of Infrachain Summit and get a chance to win a Sonos One SL. To participate, simply answer some questions related to the Summit presentations and maybe you'll be our lucky winner!

    The link to the contest will be sent to conference participants at the start of the conference.

  • Testimonies

    "Very precise, clear and concise, honest presentations; a real wealth of information an expertise, a more than useful investment of time"

    Thierry Decker, Chef de service ICT, Maison du Grand-Duc (Participant)


    "An inspiring event, showcasing a lot of relevant applications of blockchain in products and processes."
    Lucia Mazzoni, Digital & Service Innovation, ART-ER (Participant)


    "Thank you Infrachain Summit for facilitating insights and best practices within the very important topic of governance within blockchain technology. From my perspective, the Summit shared the realities faced by public and private sector and offered a rare insider view. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions and the content was relevant."

    Nadia Hewett, Project Lead, Data for Common Purpose Initiative and Blockchain, World Economic Forum LLC (Speaker)


    “I was very pleased with the quantity and quality of the audience at the Infrachain Summit in Luxembourg. It was an interesting mix of people from different sectors and with different backgrounds who talked about existing projects – not simply ideas on paper. This was definitely a good investment of my time.”

    Vladimir Khanumyan, Chairman, VNX.io S.A. (Speaker)

    “We are proud to have been sponsor of the first edition of the Infrachain Summit. It brought my company good exposure to an educated audience and we could establish meaningful contacts.”
    Fabrice Croiseaux, CEO, Intech S.A. (Sponsor)

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