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    Infrachain Summit is a gathering dedicated to blockchain topics where governance meets technology and compliance meets operations.


    It will focus on the governance and compliance aspects of Blockchain without loosing out of sight the technical implications. Concrete business cases will be presented during the programme for you to adapt best practices in your own company.



    - First major event dedicated to operational blockchain use cases and blockchain governance

    - Valuable insights and learnings

    - No hype, but real business

    - High level expert speakers

    - Enlarge your network and meet interesting new people

  • Testimonies

    “Thank you Infrachain for bringing together so many industry professionals for a fabulous conference and great networking.”

    Wim Stalmans, Founder, The Blockchain Academy® (Participant)


    "Attending the Infrachain Summit was very inspiring by the quality of the audience and the other speakers and the tangibility of the use cases. Definitely worth participating and engaging the audience for thoughtful networking moments."

    Guillaume de Vergnies, CEO, Stampify (Speaker)


    “I was very pleased with the quantity and quality of the audience at the Infrachain Summit in Luxembourg. It was an interesting mix of people from different sectors and with different backgrounds who talked about existing projects – not simply ideas on paper. This was definitely a good investment of my time.”
    Vladimir Khanumyan, Chairman, VNX.io S.A. (Speaker)

    “We are proud to have been sponsor of the first edition of the Infrachain Summit. It brought my company good exposure to an educated audience and we could establish meaningful contacts.”
    Fabrice Croiseaux, CEO, Intech S.A. (Sponsor)

    “The Infrachain Summit was a great conference: hands-on topics, interesting speakers and excellent networking at senior level.”
    Rénald Wauthier, CEO, CTG Luxembourg S.A. (Participant)

  • About Infrachain

    Infrachain is a non profit organisation created by the emerging blockchain-related industry and supported by the Luxembourg government. Infrachain closes the gap between the maturing blockchain technologies and the regulatory and legal requirements. In order to achieve this goal, Infrachain creates a supplementary governance model on top of existing technologies allowing blockchain Proof of Concepts to go into operations - now



    • Leapfrog the adoption curve of blockchain by creating a compliant-ready community and permissioned node blockchain infrastructure
    • Provide disintermediation services to all aspects of the economy (Fintech, Healthcare, Public services, Supply chain management,…)
    • Create a vibrant European community of blockchain professionals driving and shaping the future blockchain industry

    More info on infrachain.com


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