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    "Blockchain & Industry 4.0"

    10:00 am | Registration / Online waiting room opens

    (Online participants: Please connect from now on to test your connection and to make sure the conference can start on time)

    10:30 am | Welcome words

    by Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman of the Board, Infrachain a.s.b.l.

    10:35 am | Introduction keynote

    speaker tbc

    10:50 am | Industry 4.0 Keynote

    speaker tbc

    11:05 am | Use case: "IP-Protection and life cycle tracking for additive manufactured products using Blockchain Technology"

    by Dr. Martin Holland, VP Business Development and Strategy, PROSTEP AG

    11:15 am | Use case "CADchain"

    by Violetta Shishkina, Co-founder, CADchain

    11:25 | Use case "Servitization in the Era of Blockchain: the Ice Cream Supply Chain Business Case"

    by Carlo Giannelli, Associate Professor, University of Ferrara

    11:35 am | Debate

    with Kevin Thizzy (InTech), Dr. Martin Holland, Violetta Shishkina, Carlo Giannelli

    Side session

    12:20 | Side session: Token

    by tb

  • Lunch break

    12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

  • "Blockchain & the circular economy"

    1:45 pm | Faternoon session opening

    by Gianluca Ortolani, CEO, Net Service SpA

    1:50 pm | tbc

    speaker tbc

    2:00 pm | Circular economy Keynote

    speaker Prof. Massimo Mazzanti, University of Ferrara

    2:15 pm | Use case: "CircularChain: a concrete example of how blockchain can be used to support the circular economy"

    by Antoine Le Feuvre, CEO Digital Solutions for Citizens, Consumers and Companies (3C), SUEZ, Smart & Environmental Solutions

    2:25 pm| Use case "ChemChain"

    by ChemChain (speaker tbc)

    2:35 pm | Use case

    by tbc

    2:45 pm | Debate

  • Coffee break

    3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

  • "Blockchain & the creative industries"

    4:00 pm | Creative industries Keynote

    speaker tbc

    4:15 pm | Use case: "Managing end-to-end financial transactions for creative industries"

    by Maria Tanjala, Co-founder, Filmchain

    4:25 pm| Use case: "SIAE/Algorand"

    by Matteo Fedeli, Director of Music Division, SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers))

    4:35 pm | Use case

    by tbc

    4:45 pm | Debate

    5:30 pm | Closing remarks

    5:40 pm | Networking cocktails in Luxembourg and Bologna