Gianluca Ortolani

    CEO - Net Service SpA

    From 2007 to 2009 – Person in charge for Elsag Datamat of branch “Cross-Industry of Finmeccanica”

    From 2007 to April 2014 - Chief Executive of Net Service S.r.l. (Finmeccanica Group)

    From 2008 to April 2014 – Director in Finmeccanica Group with various responsibility assignments

    From 2015 – Chief Executive of Net Service S.p.a.


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    Fabrice Croiseaux

    Chairman of the Board, Infrachain a.s.b.l.

    Graduate of Centrale Lyon and HEC, Fabrice is CEO of InTech, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg Group specialised in Information Technology consulting and specific software development.

    Passionate about digital culture and innovation, he advises companies in the use of emerging technologies to create breakthrough innovations. He is the leader of the Blockchain working group of the Fédération des Tiers de Confiance Numérique and Chairman of the Board of Infrachain in Luxembourg. Fabrice participates in several large-scale projects based on blockchain technology in France and Luxembourg.

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    Carmine Auletta

    Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer - InfoCert

    Carmine Auletta is Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer in InfoCert since 2015 where he’s responsible, among other things, for Innovation, Marketing, Compliance, M&A, New Products and Strategic development.
    Carmine serves as Chairman of AssoCertificatori, the association of Italian Trust Service Providers, he is a Board Member of Camerfirma C.A., the largest Certification Authority in Spain, and a Board Member and Executive Committee Member of Cloud Signature Consortium, a Belgian-based association committed to define the global standards for cloud-based digital signatures.
    Prior to joining InfoCert, Carmine gained 12+ years of work experience in the energy sector working for Terna (the Italian Transmission System Operator) where he covered the role of Chief Technology Officer and VP of Marketing and Innovation. While in Terna, Carmine was also appointed as Chairman of the Luxembourgish CASC (now CAO) Audit Committee, the European central auction office for cross-border energy transmission capacity with a Net Turnover of 1.8 bln€ per year.
    Previously, Carmine gained 10+ years of international work experience in consulting working for Bain & Company and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the U.S.A. and several European countries.
    Carmine studied in Italy where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Telecommunications; he completed his academic background in the USA with an MBA from the Kellogg’s Northwestern University.


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    Valerio Gallitto

    Business Developer - Gridchain

    Valerio is a business developer of Gridchain and Robotica.

    At the Malta Blockchain November Summit 2018 Valerio and his team was awarded “Best IOT of the year” for the project Smash and Valerio brought the project to Malta as ICO Manager with Greenspider.

    With two master degree, Law and Economics, Valerio is also working with others blockchain project like: Ethic Whispers, Pearl and Spiderlog. Valerio has also been teacher for a blockchain course at GSE and will be teacher for a course at Baxter. Moreover he has been also speaker for Codemotion, Blockchain Roma and Criptolab.


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    Massimiliano Nicotra

    Lawyer, senior partner - Qubit Law Firm

    Lawyer, he has dealt with technology law for over twenty years, author of numerous articles and essays on the subject, as well as the book "The demateralization of banking and financial processes", and "Law of the blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT ".
    Data Protection Officer of multinational companies is a lecturer at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Department of Economics, coordinator of the Privacy and Compliance section of the Economic and Legal Research Center of the same University, and lecturer in the course of high specialization on Data Protection Officer and information security. He is an adjunct professor of "Information and AI Law" at the UN International Peace Organization.
    Coordinates the Roman section of the Legal hackers community, present in over 150 countries worldwide.
    He was a member of the Steering Committee of the Blockchain Education Network Italy and is a member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium and of the European AI Alliance.

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    Guillaume de Vergnies

    CEO - Stampify

    Guillaume is an Innovation & Blockchain driven entrepreneur passionated by governance and new technologies.

    With Stampify, a technology serving company decision makers, he has the opportunity to set the human factor at the center of the latest APLA DLT innovation.

    Guillaume's purpose is to foster the best governance to simplify the professionals’ journey.

    Five years in a large consultancy firm followed by seven years in various SME ecosystems and 15 years of continued experience in volunteering projects with several board involvements, these are that many opportunities to observe and contribute to people, projects, associations and companies governance.


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    Povilas Žinys

    Head of Product Strategy - LuxTrust S.A.

    Povilas Žinys is Head of Product Strategy at LuxTrust S.A., part of Infocert Group. He joined the company in 2015 and is responsible for alignment of new market and technology trends to diversify and maximize business value of LuxTrust’s product portfolio introducing new products and services targeted at IoT, GDPR and PSD2. Povilas is taking blockchain powered Identity management platform IDKeep from concept to market.


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    Andrea Della Croce

    Product Manager - Affidaty S.p.A

    For 30 years in the world of computer science and digital, Andrea Della Croce has participated in numerous projects of international scope. He has founded over time three research and development companies, intervening in various fields, from antivirus to control and optimization of processes, from multi-channel audio video communication and satellite, to virtual and augmented reality. Today, Andrea works for Affidaty S.p.A., a hardware & software development company, focused on finding solutions for integrating, transmitting and storing data.


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    Patrick Weber

    Attaché - Ministry for Digitalisation

    Patrick Weber has over 15 years of experience across academia, business and government in the development of innovative digital services, currently working as a project manager for the newly created Ministry for Digitalisation of the Luxembourg government. He holds an Engineering Doctorate in Computer Science from University College London.


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    Franco Giacomozzi

    National council delegate - Italia4Blockchain

    Franco Giacomozzi is a national council delegate of Italia4Blockchain, the first and most important national Association with specific focus on Blockchain themes, which is also cofounder of Inatba, International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications Franco Giacomozzi worked in the last 7 years as Communication Director of an international scientific institute in the agrifood sector. In the past, he was Head of Digital in a top 10 ranked Italian Communication Marketing & PR agency. Franco is founder and owner of Blockchaineeze.io, a Knowledge Dissemination Hub in Blockchain & Digital Communication. As Member of the European Association of Communication Directors, Franco writes in international trade journals and have speeches in conferences in Italy and abroad.


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    Elisabetta Tola

    Ph.D. in Microbiology, science and data journalist

    Tow-Knight fellow 2019 for entrepreneurial journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, New York. Founder of Facta, a non profit project based on bringing the scientific methodology into journalism, with a focus on the Mediterranean region.

    Co-founder of the Italian science communication agency formicablu and of datajournalism.it, a laboratory for data driven stories and tools. Freelance for national/international magazines, contributor for the datajournalism section of AGI. Co-author of the international multimedia projects Seedversity.org and SEEDcontrol on global agro-ecology and Hearing voices, respectively supported by EJC and Journalismfund. Radio presenter at Radio3scienza, RAI Radio3, the Italian national public radio. Media trainer and lecturer on digital journalism and verification (Google News Lab 2015-17; MCS Sissa; Master in giornalismo, Bologna). Consultant for digital communication strategies with EU funded projects and with International organizations.


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    Michele Marchesi

    Professor of software engineering at University of Cagliari and FlossLab ltd

    Michele Marchesi is full professor at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Cagliari University. He was the first researcher to study Agile Methodolo­gies for software development, and founded in the year 2000 the first and still most im­portant international scientific conference on this topic. He began to work on crypto­currencies and blockchain in 2014, and since then he has studied the Bitcoin market, the quality of blockchain software, the release of new blockchain and DLT technolo­gies, and various real blockchain applications, made in collaboration with the spinoff FlossLab ltd and with other firms. He is promoting the use of software enginee­ring methods for dApp development, and in particular the ABCDE method (Agile Block­Chain Dapp Engineering) developed by his research group. He is member of the team of the European Law Institute project “Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts”.


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