Lucas Fernandez

    Head of Innovation, CHAMP Cargosystems

    Lucas Fernandez started his career in 2008. In 2013, he co-founded Tecbak, a pioneering start-up business in the Internet of Things, where he successfully launched the FoosballSociety. In 2015, Lucas joined Etix Everywhere Luxembourg as VP Product, where he led the lab division and developed a portfolio of Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions for the management and monitoring of critical data center operations.

    Lucas holds a Master of Science in Engineering from INSIA, Paris, and a Master of Business Administration with Honors from the Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg.

    Besides his professional duties, Lucas is a member of the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), and Silicon Luxembourg Business Club. Lucas is a keen and skilled writer who shares his experience around product management and innovation via articles regularly.


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    Cassidy Daly

    Token Design & Cryptoeconomic Research, Centrifuge

    Cassidy brings a strong foundation in economics to her current work on token economy design and engineering at Centrifuge. She holds a Master’s in International Finance from Columbia University where she also worked as a consultant for the Federal Reserve. Her passion for token design comes from its potential to re-imagine what an economy should look like from the ground up to better facilitate our needs as a global society.


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    Michiel Valee

    CEO & Tech Lead, Dockflow

    Michiel is cofounder and tech lead at Dockflow. He has an academic background as a business engineer, where he researched the applications of trending technologies such as IoT, AI and blockchain in maritime logistics. In Dockflow, he takes care of the software development and the integration between different data-platforms and sources, synchronising logistics processes across industries, standards and people. Their current product is focussed on the streamlining of data round ocean shipments with perishable goods. By combining data, a complete and real-live log of the transport plan and events can be obtained.


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    Pierre Gerard

    CEO, Scorechain

    Pierre started to show interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2014. He first created one of the first mobile Bitcoin wallet for iOS (Yallet), and then in 2015 he co-founded Scorechain and became CEO. Scorechain raised €500k in October 2015 and is now software leader in Europe for crypto compliance and transaction monitoring tool.
    Besides, Pierre was one of the leader of the Fundchain project (Luxembourg Blockchain Consortium, fundchain.lu) and work closely with major financial institutions to bring Blockchain to the financial world.
    Pierre holds a master’s degree in computer science and started his career at Reuters Luxembourg within the Risk Management department for 5 years. In 2000, he started his entrepreneurial career and was one of the co-founder of Jamendo, the biggest music platform under creative commons license.

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    Pedro Andersen

    Founder & COO, Winding Tree

    Pedro Anderson is a social entrepreneur and proponent for open and decentralized systems. Prior to Winding Tree he sold millions of dollars of SaaS products in the event tech space and founded a non-profit in hospitality.


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    Fabrice Croiseaux

    Chairman of the Board, Infrachain a.s.bl.

    Graduate of Centrale Lyon and HEC, Fabrice is CEO of InTech, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg Group specialised in Information Technology consulting and specific software development.

    Passionate about digital culture and innovation, he advises companies in the use of emerging technologies to create breakthrough innovations. He is the leader of the Blockchain working group of the Fédération des Tiers de Confiance Numérique and Chairman of the Board of Infrachain in Luxembourg. Fabrice participates in several large-scale projects based on blockchain technology in France and Luxembourg.

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    Bill Laboon

    Technical Education Lead, Web3 Foundation

    More information to come...

    Guillaume Dechaux

    Global Head Strategic Sales and Business Development, ConsenSys

    More information to come...

    Olivier Zephir, PhD.,

    Senior Business Advisor, Technoport SA

    Olivier Zephir is a Senior Business Advisor at Technoport SA the technology business incubator in Luxembourg. With a background in Industrial Systems Engineering, Olivier supports early stage startups in building proof of concepts with early adopters and corporate interested parties. Olivier has contributed to several EU and industrial R&D projects within the service industry and at the Technoport SA he manages the Digital Experience Studio (DX-Studio) that supports entrepreneurs in developing innovative digital technologies.


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    Frank Roessig

    Fintech Lead, Telindus

    Frank currently heads Digital Solutions for Finance at Telindus-Proximus, developing novel solutions that enhance client experience and optimize operational efficiency: e.g. Digital KYC, Asset Transfers, Reconciliation, Market-Platforms, Distributed Processes using Blockchain, AI, etc.

    Prior, as Country Manager Luxembourg for Akeance and as Managing Director of Racine Capital, he advised the Financial Sector on the implementation of Digital Strategies, the development of new marketing strategies as well as the improvement of Risk-, Compliance- and Operations Management.

    Previously, he was part of the founding team of two start-up banks with successful exits. He started his Finance career at various Financial Institutions by working in Capital Markets, Portfolio Management as well as Corporate & Retail Finance.

    Frank is an active member in various forums (International Bankers Forum as Board Member, ALFI in the Blockchain WG, LHoFT, B-Hive, ATEL, ILA, International Banker Club, W3C (BlockChain Digital Assets WG).


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    Mathis Baden

    Cloud Solution Architect, Telindus

    Mathis studied electrical engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland from 2009 to 2014. After an internship with Telindus Luxembourg, he joined the University of Luxembourg to continue his education towards a PhD in computer science, which he obtained at the end of 2019. Mathis then joined Telindus Luxembourg (Proximus Luxembourg) in January 2020 and is working on cloud technologies and blockchain solutions.


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