• Luxembourg Summit

    MAY 17th was the 1st INFRACHAIN SUMMIT

    BCEE (Batiment Rousegaertchen)

    Infrachain Summit is the blockchain gathering in Luxembourg where governance meets technology and compliance meets operations. During our one-day seminar, we will discuss how Blockchain can evolve from a technology hype to revenue generating applications.

    We will focus on the governance and compliance aspects of Blockchain without loosing out of sight the technical implications.

    We will also give the floor to Blockchain use cases to present the brave new world of 3rd party distributed trust.

  • Program

  • What is Infrachain?

    From POC to operations


    Infrachain is a non profit organisation created by the emerging blockchain-related industry and supported by the Luxembourg government.

    Infrachain closes the gap between the maturing blockchain technologies and the regulatory and legal requirements. In order to achieve this goal, Infrachain creates a supplementary governance model on top of existing technologies allowing blockchain Proof of Concepts to go into operations - now.


    Our mission is to:

    • Leapfrog the adoption curve of blockchain by creating a compliant-ready community and permissioned node blockchain infrastructure.
    • Provide disintermediation services to all aspects of the economy (Fintech, Healthcare, Public services, Supply chain management,…).
    • Create a vibrant European community of blockchain professionals driving and shaping the future blockchain industry.


    between blockchain instances


    of Blockchain technology




    per use case or per group

  • Speakers

    Michèle Finck

    Senior researcher - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Lecturer in EU Law, University of Oxford

    Thibaut Verbiest

    Partner - DS Avocats

    Fabrice Croiseaux

    Chairman - Infrachain Asbl

    Jean Hilger

    Senior Vice President, Head of IT Departement - BCEE

    Povilas Žinys

    Product Portfolio Manager - LuxTrust

    Bernard Simon

    Member of the Executive Committee at Luxembourg Stock Exchange - FundsDLT

    Dan Isaac

    Partner, Bitbank - Ibisa

    Frank Roessig

    Head Digital Solutions for Finance - Telindus

    Antoine Detante

    Lead Blockchain Architect - EDDITS

    Sebastien Genco

    Senior Manager Technology and Enterprise Applications - Deloitte

    Gregor Novak

    CEO - Suncontract

    Yves-Laurent Kayan

    Co-Founder Strategy Director - CoinPlus

    Françoise Thoma

    Directeur Général, Président du Comité de Direction - BCEE

    Moses Ma

    CEO FutureLab Blockchain Lab

    Ricardo Correia

    Business Development Manager - IntellectEU

    Benoit Mayolini

    Manager - Granada

    Laurent Kratz

    CEO NEOFACTO, Co-Founder Scorechain - Granada

    Vladimir Khanumyan

    Chairman, VNX.io

    Nicolas Bekourian

    CFO, Myrillion

  • Presentations

    IBISA, by BitBank

    BLOCKCHAIN LAB, by Moses Ma

    ArtTracktive, by Deloitte

    Luxembourg's Nationwide ID System on the National Blockchain, by Luxtrust

    SmartChain, by Telindus Proximus

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