8.30 am Registration

    9.00 am Opening: Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman, Infrachain a.s.b.l.

    9.10 am Welcome: BCEE

    9.20 am Introduction keynote: Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Digitalisation

    9.50 am Industry keynote: Paul Brody, EY Global Innovation Leader ─ Blockchain

    10.20 am Use case: Anton Abashkin, COO, VNX Exchange, "Shifting the boundaries of the traditional sector: VC tokenization"

    10.35 am Keynote: Vitaly Bondar, CEO, Apla Blockchain, "Data Management Infrastructure on Blockchain"


    10.50 am Coffee break


    11.15 am Keynote: Tadej Slapnik, Chairman World Blockchain Hub, "Building the blockchain ecosystem in Slovenia, Europe"

    11.45 am Use case: Frank Roessig, Head Digital Solutions for Finance, Proximus Luxembourg, "European Notary Blockchain"

    12.00 am Use case: Iulian Nita, Blockchain expert, "European Financial Transparency Gateway"


    12.30 am Networking Lunch


    1.30 pm Keynote: Jean-Louis Schiltz, Professor (hon.), University of Luxembourg, "Luxembourg’s blockchain securities law of 1 March 2019 and beyond"

    1.45 pm Use case: HQLAˣ

    2.00 pm Use case: Christophe Medinger, Deputy Head of Digital Banking Division, SPUERKEESS, "Applying DLT to KYC processes"

    2.30 pm Use case: Alexander Skripalshchikov, R&D manager, Net Service Information Technology, "Blockchain at your desk"

    2.45 pm Use case: Michael Yeung, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist, Shenzhen BlockContinent Technology Co., Ltd., "BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) system—RegOS"


    3.00 pm Coffee Break


    3.15 pm Use case: Global Cargo Forum

    3.30 pm Use case : Daniel Brunner, Deloitte D.Lab Manager, “Solve traceability issues in the art market with distributed ledger technology”

    3.45 pm Keynote: : Caroline Malcolm, Head of the OECD Blockchain Policy Centre, “Blockchain and competition”

    4.15 pm Panel discussion: Moderation : Nasir Zubairi, CEO, The LHoft, “The impact of blockchain on the economy”

    5.00 pm Closing remarks


    5.15 pm Networking Cocktail