Italy, Bologna, 17th of October 2019


    9:00 Registration
    9:30 Opening, Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman, Infrachain
    9:40 Welcome words, Gianluca Ortolani, CEO, Net Service
    9:50 Introduction keynote, Fabrizio Bianchi, Minister for research, education and EU policy, Regione Emilia-Romagna
    10:10 Industry keynote, Carmine Auletta, CIO, Infocert
    10:40 Use case, Povilas Zinys, Product Portfolio Manager, LuxTrust, IDKeep
    11:00 Use case, Poste Italiane

    11:20 Coffee Break
    11:40 Keynote, Franco Giacomozzi, Italy4Blockchain, Blockchain marketing
    12:10 Use case, Michel Cappelletti, Imola Informatica SPA, Blockchain as a notary
    12:30 Use case, GFT, Smart Community Turistica

    12:50 Use case, iconsulting, Blockchain in the fashion industry
    1:10 Use case
    1:30 Lunch
    2:20 Keynote, Massimiliano Nicotra, Lawyer, Studio Legale Nicotra
    2:50 Use case, Romain Fourdin, CFA Manager, KMPG Luxembourg, FundsDLT
    3:10 Use case, Guillaume De Vergnies, CEO, Stampify
    3:30 Use case
    3:50 Use case
    4:10 Panel debate, moderated by Elisabetta Tola
    4:50 Closing Remarks, Fabrice Croiseaux, CEO, Infrachain
    5:00 Cocktail